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Transform a color photograph into black & white with color in Adobe Photoshop

Preview In this tutorial, I'll show you how to transform a color photograph into black & white with color, using a fast and easy process. This effect is simple to do and will give your finished photos an elegant appeal. You can accomplish the simple effect using any version of Adobe Photoshop.

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Learn how to create a Web 2.0 style Navigation Bar in Adobe Photoshop

Preview This video will show you how to create a trendy and glossy web navigation bar using Adobe Photoshop. I apologize and vow to never include the sound of mouse clicks during a recording again. I may redo this recording because I'm so annoyed by the chirping mouse clicks.

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Learn how to change an ordinary photo into an Andy Warhol inspired piece of pop art!

PreviewWatch this video tutorial to learn how to change an ordinary photo into an Andy Warhol inspired piece of pop art! This Photoshop tutorial is easy to follow and the finished effect is eye catching.

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Time lapsed walk-thru on how to install Ubuntu Desktop v8.10

Video tutorial: how to install Ubuntu DesktopThe linked video below is a time lapsed walk-thru on how to install Ubuntu Desktop v8.10. Ubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is used for laptops, desktops and servers. The Ubuntu O.S. is completely free to download and comes with many free applications pre-installed. The essential pre-installed applications allow you to surf the web, instant message, read email, create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, edit images and much more. Additionaly, there are thousands of software packages in the Ubuntu catalogue, all available to download and install at the click of a button.

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Cutting out an object using the Extract tool in Photoshop

Video tutorial: Cut out an object using the extract tool in PhotoshopLearn how to easily cut objects from a photo using the Extract tool in Adobe Photoshop. This method is much quicker than using the lasso tool.

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Adobe Flash Camera Motion Detection

This is an experiment that utilizes the ActionScript Camera.motionLevel property of macromedia flash player. Requires Macromedia Flash player to be installed and a webcam to be connected to your computer.

ActionScript (AS2)
1.   // Assumes a Video object named "myVideoObject" is on the Stage
2.   c = Camera.get();
3.   x = 0;
5.   function motion(mode)
6.   {
7.       trace(x + ": " + mode);
8.       x++;
9.       if (c.activityLevel > 7) {
10.          msg = "Sensing Movement.."; 
11.      } else { msg = ""; }     
14.  }
15.  c.onActivity = function(mode) { motion(mode);   };     
16.  c.setMotionLevel(8, 500);
17.  myVideoObject.attachVideo(c);

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